French drain, says in video he'll talk about ALL number 1 things that result in wet basement

oh, ok, let’s watch n listen closely… eh

to repeat, he said in this video he’ll talk about all things that result in a wet basement or cause a flooded basement/crawlspace

so cracks or cracked parging in basement walls, deteriorated rod holes, deterorated bricks or mortar joints and openings around/under basement windows and sills or blockage in lateral line/clean out aren’t in DUH top 10 huh? lolol sht

a different view, video, poured wall crack and deteriorated, leaky rod holes AND openings around n under a basement window/sill allowing water in basement

so instead of waterproofing the crack n rod holes and replacing B window homeowners should install a french FRY drain n clean their downspout extensions? ‘Stupid is as stupid does’

Bloomfield Hills, block wall leaky basement that has some mold and efflorescence on inside blocks

Bloomfield, outside view of THE problems that allowed water in basement n caused some mold, efflorescence at- near corner

Here’s an view INSIDE same Bloomfield Hills basement, some moron already installed an interior basement drainage system sooooooooooooo lol, why did it continue to leak etc

So the homeowner should have just installed a french drain and reroute their downspout extensions and clean em? smgdh

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