French language section of InterNACHI being built. Many thanks to...

Many thanks to member Marc-Andre Beauchemin for his impulse and help to create this.

Mare sea boo koo.

EDIT: Mare see bow koo

Here they come:

Sock ray blurr.

Too ironic not to mention. Inspector Clouseau. :smiley:

No, not that ironic. We have an HI (used to be water & sewer professional engineer) in this area who calls his company…Inspector Clouseau.

He is not liked by just about every realtor in the area as he overcalls a lot of things and breaks a lot of deals that should go through.

je nes comprend pas!:p:p

Merci Beaucoup!



Ora abbiamo bisogno di una versione italiana.

This is a little contribution for NACHI “the friendly giant”. It will give us much more visibility I am sure. The Quebec OACIQ and the Canadian federal CMHC (SCHL) are liking us evermore and paying more attention to us!
Glad to be of help to all and best wishes for the coming year!
NACHI is the best and deserves the best!


What a great idea Thanks to both of you .
I am sure this will just help all Canadian Home Inspectors see how great NACHI and its members are .

I thought I said that.:smiley:

You did but in another language.:wink: