French Translator

Hi everyone!

My name is Alysse. I started working here as a french translator about a week ago. I will be translating the articles from the web site from English to French.

I just moved to Boulder after living in the south of France basically my whole life. I went to law school in France, first in Nice then in Paris. I have a Master in Intellectual Proprty Law, sorry I don’t really know the equivalent in the American system… I guess it is the same!

I look forward to meeting everyone!

C’est avec grand plaisir de faire votre connaissance, Alysse, et espérons que cela aidera certains de nos membres au Québec canadien-français.
Je suis ce qu’on appelle, le français acadien, de sorte que certains de vos mots français sont diffucult pour moi.:):smiley:

Bienvenue! :smiley:

your right Marcel there is a difference

Another InterNACHI staffer with a law degree. :roll:

and speaks french as well