Frendzel achieves Educational Award

Mr. Carl Frendzel of****](, also doing business as New Day Home Inspections, recently was awarded the prestigious iNACHI Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievement Award on July 19, 2014. His name has been added to our growing list of InterNACHI members at ( ). Congratulations Carl! And we hope to see you on our list of award winners for next year and beyond.

To apply for the iNACHI Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievement Award go to ( ) for qualifications, standards and submission criteria.

And, for those unfamiliar, here is a link about Gerry Beaumont:…-update-71570/

All the Best,

Larry Kage

and the Awards Committee

I did 173 CEU last years . Do I qualify ?

To apply for the iNACHI Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievement Award go to ( ) for qualifications, standards and submission criteria.

From above link:

Article 2 – Description of the Program

The Recipient exemplifies the Continued Educational Efforts by establishing and accomplishing at least 50 hours of approved CEU’s in a calendar year. The deadline for submitting CE’s for this Award is March 1st. of the following Year.

173 hours! That’s a lot! We look forward to your application next year, Roy.

I guess those credits won’t count ?
InterNACHI Courses Date Code CE
Ladder Safety 08/31/2013 EDU-0000-4551-97 1
Roof Data Technician 08/28/2013 EDU-0000-4539-22 2
Commercial Inspection Prerequisite course 05/08/2013 EDU-0000-4274-33 8
Code of Ethics for Home Inspectors 05/08/2013 EDU-0000-4274-12 1
How to Inspect Septic Systems 05/02/2013 EDU-0000-4260-64 10
Defect Recognition and Report Writing 04/03/2013 EDU-0000-4188-63 8
Professionalism Training 03/07/2013 EDU-0000-4110-90 4
Advanced Electrical Inspection Training Video 03/07/2013 EDU-0000-4110-35 4
Mold Inspection 02/26/2013 EDU-0000-4082-23 12
How to Inspect the Exterior 02/25/2013 EDU-0000-4079-18 16
Radon Measurement Service Provider 02/25/2013 EDU-0000-4078-74 16
Wood-Destroying Organism Inspection 02/22/2013 EDU-0000-4070-41 12
How to Inspect Manufactured and Mobile Homes 02/21/2013 EDU-0000-4066-49 12
Structural Issues for Home Inspectors 02/15/2013 EDU-0000-4047-82 4
Inspecting HVAC Systems 02/13/2013 EDU-0000-4041-89 12
Wind and Hail Property Damage Inspections 02/12/2013 EDU-0000-4039-00 4
How to Inspect for Moisture Intrusion 02/08/2013 EDU-0000-4026-43 8
How to Perform Wind Mitigation Inspections 02/07/2013 EDU-0000-4024-23 16
Safe Practices for the Home Inspector 01/08/2013 EDU-0000-3917-39 4
Residential Plumbing Overview 01/07/2013 EDU-0000-3911-43 8
How to Perform Roof Inspections 01/04/2013 EDU-0000-3893-75 4
Introduction to InterNACHI’s Residential SOP 01/04/2013 EDU-0000-3892-87 3
How to Perform Residential Electrical Inspections 01/04/2013 EDU-0000-3892-41 4
2013 Total: 173

Hey! I know that guy! :smiley:
Congratulations Carl!

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Congratulations Carl, well done.

I think we should have a new award,

The Roy Lewis award! When 50 CEU just ain’t enough;-)

I enjoyed each and every one.

I had 166 hours when I applied. I have 178 hours now :slight_smile:


Thanks, Paul. You were actually my inspiration to apply :slight_smile:

Congrats on yours also!


Good for you …Keep learning.
I did know I had to do anything to get the award.
I guess I’ll have to do them all over again…Not!


You only need 50 hours for the award, you don’t have to redo all of them. Just redo 50 hours worth :slight_smile:


:wink: ccccccccccccccccccccccc