Freon Line Shocked Me

I touched the freon line of the AC unit and got zapped… ouch. :shock:

Stop doing that !!!

I was originally taught to check for ‘ground faults’ with my bare hands. Use the back of the hand.


Was it a static discharge or AC current? The other day a client turned on a switch and jumped, saying she got shocked. It was just static discharge as she brushed her finger over the cover screw. I did check to make sure it was not live.


John, how do you get to post large pictures?
the system has a 100k limit I thought…

To get shocked on a freon line, the ground has to be open at both equipment ends and a short from line to ground. Very uncommon problem it would seem.

Find any picture on a web site.
Highlight and copy (not copy image)
Thats it.

Yup, this is the first time I ever got shocked by a freon line.

It went through my entire body … so it was not just static.

Actually it would only have to be open at one end.

And let’s not forget the possibility that it could be neutral current resulting from a compromised service neutral, which could easily place a potential on the grounding system.

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Happy Holdays


Nice wake-up call, huh? You learn from your mistakes.

Hey, what good does a pad do when it’s at ground level?

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I agree with the idea of checking the neutral or grounding electrode for this. It could be a bad EGC to the HVAC system too.

Was the outer enclosure hot too?

I know when I moved into this house the ground electrode was shot and I got the snot knocked out of me the first time I touched the stove while barefooted on the Terazzo floor.

After I got shocked, I did not touch the unit to see if it was hot too…:mrgreen:

Sounds like an open ground. Shocking story, glad you did not get hurt. BTW that type of electrocution is the most dangerous,very low voltage stops the heart, which is why GFCI’s are designed to prevent this. I’ve seen this caused by Fire Ants also.