Fresh new logo for MTR Inspection Services

New logo for MTR Inspection Services. Nice fresh ocean colors on this one.

If you would like logo assistance feel free to contact me here at In the event that you discover a secret method by which to email me an ice-cold IPA, your name will automatically be moved to the top of the list.

If you would like to observe more logo beauty go here


Very nice.

Levi… you forgot to edit your “cut-&-paste”. :wink:

Of course I did. I changed the request from beer to an IPA, I was more specific about the type of beer I would like to be emailed. Ha

I also changed the description of the logo. Minor details.

Levi… (see quote above, in red)…

Isn’t the Logo for MTR Inspection Services?

Were you a Realtor in a past life? :shock:

Deleted - I thought this was in the members only section. The graphic in the logo doesn’t work well for me. PM me if you want to know why.

All better. Thanks for the catch.

No problemo! :slight_smile:

(Does that mean I get bumped to the head of the line)? :mrgreen:

Looks like you are gonna be busy for a very long time! :wink: