Fresh Pics: Become a Home Inspector 5-day Training at InterNACHI's Florida House of Horrors

Today kicked off Day 1 of the Become a Home Inspector 5-day Training at InterNACHI’s Florida House of Horrors.

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I wanted to tell you I passed the state exam, and got my fingerprints done today. Juan Garcia was a such a blessing to me.

He broke it down in easy to understand conceptuals rather than overly detailed elaborations. It gave me confidence, and I feel even though I will still face adversity, I am in a much better place to overcome the challenges thanks to his training.

I took over 30 pages of real life advice and he was really inspirational, honest and forthcoming.

Thanks to everyone who helped organize the event, I felt it was invaluable and truly appreciated.


Raziel De Melo

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