Fresh Pics! Day 2 of “Become a Home Inspector” Training Class

Today at Day 2 of the weeklong “Become a Home Inspector” Training class, students inspected the crawlspace and other structural elements of the Colorado House of Horrors® with Certified Professional Inspector® Jim Krumm @jkrumm. Please visit to find out more about live training at a House of Horrors® near you!

I don’t see this class being offered at the other two HOH. It was once a monthly venue at HOH-3. Is HOH-1 the only current location for training?

So nice to see Jim Krumm working at the House Of Horrors, where temperature is artificially created by advanced HVAC units and he does not have to crawl on what sometimes can be damp soil in crawl spaces or dusty attics.
Jim’s articulates SoP and what home inspector may incourter perfectly.
Keep up the great work, Jim.
Best of Regards from a fellow InterNACHI inspector.
Robert Young, Montreal, Quebec Canada.

Hi James,

This class is offered at all three locations.