Fresh vision for an old man!

In January of 2009, I intend to open a new bank account, in the name of Eagle Rock Ministries, here in Oshawa, Ont., Can. This is a foundation in Canada, that has lain dormant for several years, for lack of vision, and loss of passion. Both vision, and passion have been totally renewed, and as president of this organization, I intend to begin a fundraising campaign, around the world, and starting with the largest and most generous inspection association in the world;…INachi!

I am only beginning, but my desire is to care for the hungry and hurting kids; victims of alcoholics and addicts, and abused families. I think I may have to narrow my vision, at first, because there are so many hurting people out there, but start I will! 

Eagle Rock ( formerly Living Word Christian Outreach of Port Hope ) is

A duly registered Canadian private foundation, and monitored annually by Canada Revenue, Charities Division, in Ottawa.

Eagle Rock ministries will begin as a local entity, until such time as we can function on a national, international and, yes, global level. We not only have a restored local vision, but we have extended our vision to include the whole world! I believe now is the time God has given me to step out in faith, and be a conduit, or channel for wealth to flow into the hands of those who need it most.

I would like to suggest the possibility of every INachi, and CanNachi inspector, giving one dollar out of every inspection they do, to Eagle Rock Ministries, to be used to help those in the most dire need. More would be better, of course, but realistically, if every inspector gave one dollar per inspection, we could do awesome things, to help many hurting people, in many ways!

Many such charities eat up most of the dollars donated through administration costs and the like. Usually only a small portion of the actual gifts ever get to the place it's most needed. At Eagle Rock Ministries, we will guarantee 75-90% of donations will go directly to the most needed areas, and as a partner, you can specify exactly where you prefer your donations to go. We will supply you with charitable tax receipts for whatever amount you have given, in total, over the course of the year.

** You may consider taking us on as a chapter supported charity!**

Our charitable tax number is 0733683-47

Ont. Corp. number is 634801

Our BN is 119022085RR0001

Please make cheques payable to:

Living Word Christian Outreach of Hope ( Eagle Rock Ministries )

Attn of Harold Lowe

993 Southport Drive

Oshawa, Ontario, 

Canada, L1H8A2

                   THANK YOU!..........HAROLD LOWE C.M.I., C.C.I., C.M.S.

Crickets… I say crickets. Face facts “old man” that NACHI is truly a godless place where Christian pretenders seek only attention vie for online recognition. No one here is truly what they appear to be… It’s just a grand illusion. :smiley:

I think you have done a fantastic job of clearly displaying who you are joey.:shock::roll::roll:

But Mikey, there has never been a time where I presented myself here honestly, everything I said has been biased in one way or another… none of it true. Had you been the flaming liberal Atheist I would have taken the sides of the wingnut Christian, I know both roles and can play them equally.

I am not the person I display here, everyone who knows me knows that. This message board is where I allow my alter-ego the freedom to speak, create and freely associate, a place anything goes and nothing is real, you didn’t know that? This is truly where Joey lives and you have helped to set him free. :smiley:

My BS meter went in to hyper drive again:shock::shock:

Try me, let’s switch roles for a while, I can make all the same arguments on both sides of most any issue that interests me, that is the path to true knowledge.

I’m sure I could but then I would be a hypocrite to my beliefs where as if you are not what you portray, you already are to yours.

Thanks again for playing.

Mikey, Mikey, Mikey… What is truth? I am what the moment allows me to be, I can be nothing else.

Quo vadis?

Not going anywhere joey. :cool:

Truth is simply what is.

Mikey, here we agree, but I must add that “what is” must be based in the scope of believability using some pre-agreed to theory -or- be of a material nature which can be recognized by one of the human senses.

It just can’t be some ephemeral notion that anyone could have constructed out of thin air.

In science the “truth” and “what is” is relative to being able to observe, measure and the ability to reproduce its effects over & over again using the same materials & methods. This truth is not absolute but relative to our ability to measure and observe, as our ability expands and we can observe more and the truth about something can change dramatically.

Take for instance the atom our truth about the atom and particle physics changes almost daily as our ability to observe smaller & smaller particles grows, we may not know the absolute truth regarding physics ever and many past truths have changed or have been completely debunked. The same thing is happening in astronomy, medicine, mathematics, computer science these truths are not static or absolute but relative to the technology available at the time of their discovery. Not so long ago there was a theory of canals on Mars, we now know this is not the truth.

The only place where I observe “supposed” absolute truth is in regards to fundamental religions which demand strict conformance to a set of unchanging absolute truths. It is very doubtful that my education, intelligence and creativity would ever allow me to be satisfied in that type of world. My only goal is to prevent religion from interfering with the real world we all live in and preventing people from living out their lives in the freedom which is their birthright.

What is truth?

joey wants all the “rights” (as he understands them)of a created intelligent being while at the very same time claiming he is a merely an evolved animal subject to no one higher than himself.

IMHO joey has not found the Truth only a substitute for it.

Mikey, as you might have already expected, your opinion holds little or no meaning for me. That being said though unlike you I have NEVER claimed to have found the truth in the first place, to me it is akin to nailing jello to a tree, an exercise of profound futility. :wink:

Hey Joe!

**Don’t you think all of us are equally bound and imprisoned by what we feel is our own individual truth?..I would like to suggest that you will never find true and lasting satisfaction in anything other than choosing to totally submit your life to the **
Lordship of Jesus Christ. Then, and only then, will you be able to
quit searching for truth! I do not say this with anything but sincere love and concern for you, and anyone else reading this. I am what I believe. I am what I live. I’ve been where you are, and it didn’t do it for me. I lived 1/2 my life in your world, chasing the illusive " IT "
IT never lasted. IT never satisfied. Joe; God satisfies! You know professing to be a Christian doesn’t mean you’re perfect. It just means you want to live your life in service to your Creator. Some of us are like babies, and some are more mature. As you grow in the knowledge and understanding of God, you find certain old nasty ways, beginning to fall off. We are all " works in progress “. I am no hypocrite, but I do mess up lots of times. As a Christian, we just have to recognize when we screw up, and fess up to it before God. Ask for forgiveness, and you are forgiven. I can do that, and put it behind me. I realize there are far too many judgemental Christians, out there, but please don’t judge God by his followers. Only God is God. Though we have been created in his image; we are still only human. God has told me to love you, and to bless you. You can call me names…Big deal!..You can curse me, and do whatever turns you on, but I am going to continue to love you, and pray for you, and ask God to prosper you, even as your soul prospers. You can think what you want, say what you want, and do what you want, but you cannot stop me from loving you and caring about your eternal salvation,…period. God loves you in spite of yourself. Call me nuts, but I believe God has a strong call on your life, and there is really nothing you can do about it! God says, " Peace! Be still. Be still, and know that I am God!” Ask Him to show Himself real to you, and He will!

I can hear the Lord saying this to you Harold.
"Well done, good and faithful servant."


Thanks, Kenneth. I receive that with excitement and anticipation of hearing it, face to face, on that awesome day, in the not-too-distant future…:D:roll::D:roll::smiley: