Friday night in Sarasota, Dinner-Drinks anyone?

I am arriving on Friday and would love to have dinner and maybe some drinks with members. Anyone interested and anyone know of a great place for socializing?

Hi Russell,

My understanding is that most of the people attending will be staying at the Holiday Inn near the airport. It is a new building and very nice inside, sports bar, dining etc and next to the convention center. Something to remember here in Sarasota, the local police are VICIOUS when it comes to speeding and DWI, they need the money and will write you for 5 miles over the limit.

The 2 more popular places are;

Marina Jacks’ a bit pricey for inside dining but the deck is great, live music, gorgeous views, lots of cougars if that’s your thing. Take a look here](

O’learys’ Tiki bar, on the water less expensive but a fun place](

Both of these places are about 15 minutes from the Holiday Inn. Let me know what you decide.

Hummm… my vote is for O’learys… I am not really into Cougars LOL

John - THANK YOU :slight_smile:

Hell the hotel is fine with me…I don’t care. Popular vote rules I guess

When you decide let us know and I will see you there:)

I’m in:D:D:D

Yup, a few of us don’t drink alcohol. :wink:

Hotel is good for me. Don’t tell the boss :slight_smile:

Hey! Be nice.

I think the hotel is perfect.

Not interested in driving around Sarasota but I’ll look for any members in the
hotel bar. Look for me, I’m easy to spot; I’ll be the good lookin’ one.

Russell - At least offer to buy the first round - What a cheap azz!!!

HEY! I thought I was the good looking one :slight_smile: See ya at the hotel. Michelle, you and John can always go to Oleary’s on Saturday evening. Those 2 places I mentioned are fun, even if you are not into cougars. BTW, be carefulf if you bring John there, our cougars are very agressive and always looking for fresh meat! I’m not kidding. It’s a different world here.

Good to know!

Of course if I don’t get John a real vacation soon… he may want a cougar!

YIKES! Sounds like you two need a trip to Sandals. Ask me about the trip we took to St. Lucia, beyond the beyond. I look forward to meeting your both.
Best regards,


John might be around the same age as the cougars - That kinda nullifies the deal - Just sayin

LOL! Phew… I am still thinking a trip to Sandals is in order… I like John M’s recommendation. :slight_smile:

Who are you calling old???

See you guys there.