Friendly fire

Okay, see you later. Try taking your meds and cool down before you come back.
Now you have to rant over “inadequate SEO”?

I explained every sentence that I plan to explain to you and you still don’t seem to perceive the written word.

If you would really care to discuss your website in an open forum we can do that. That would be up to you. I have a whole list of things to discuss but have not done so out of respect which you do not deserve.

Many of us " important and special thermographers" around here that belong to “they” (and some that don’t) pass around a lot of work and work with each other, but I can guarantee you that I would not refer any business to someone with such inability to perceive and communicate effectively. I guess your just so worked up you can’t get over yourself.

Why don’t you pick up a membership here or go back to all those associations that you own and pander with your Associates.

I don’t know where you get the idea that I’m pissed or worked up. I rarely get pissed or worked up about anything. In fact I’m having quite an excellent month.

I’m sure you wouldn’t… but I have plenty of work on my own, thanks.

BTW, speaking of inability to perceive or communicate, I don’t own any associations and never said I did. I own community forums.

Let me know if you ever need help with SEO, I’d be glad to help get you a better search engine ranking for your business.

I’m always willing to help others. :smiley:

Over and out.

Amassing how some just glow about the work. Darrel, you hit the nail on the head. This thread was a simple observation about about how some members here wish to be the only voice among 8ooo members.
I expect Mr. Even’s will be stocking me using my “Mate” verbiage. but seeing as I do not own the copy rights to it I can not scar him away from being a real narrow minded, SUSPECT, RED NECK. Google will do nothing.
Its a sad day when member can not contact another member and ask them to please not use there suspect images.
I guess threats make them the man. It’s a guess remember, not mine. I know men reach-out and talk calmly.
broads all your Mr. Evens when it comes to IR. Your the King mate! Of what I do not know.:wink: