Frisco Home Inspector uses Infrared Imaging to detect electrical hazard and roof leak

Check out some of the highlights of today’s first inspection’s finds with infrared.

Heat pump secondary electric furnace cutoff box in attic. Scan of wiring revealed higher than normal temps in wires after 5 minutes or so of operation. Box was hard to get to, but I opened the cover and found the following. Not sure of the exact temp, but it maxed out my 248 limit. Seller was an older disabled widow (retired electrical engineer) who was present for the inspection, she was very happy to have that found both for her safety and the safety of the young couple buying the property.

Then a more mundane roof / Chimney flashing leak.

The afternoon inspection, one year warranty inspection, only had a leaking shower. Not as exciting as I find one or two of those a week around here in new construction.

This is great stuff, Im saving up for mine… might take a few years, but eventually Ill get one

Excellent… Thats what its all about.



Very Nice