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An update from Bill York’s Wind Mitigation training.

Does anyone have the link to the whole file?

You have to sign up for the course. :wink:

I think I’ll keep my money in my pocket. It is to hard to come by just to spend on something I am already qualified for.

I don’t know where that square area calculation that now includes gable ends of the roof in the wall type and %age came from that is new! I really don’t like it very much either.

That picture on page 152 look familiar?

Thats my Truck

I guess that settles the glass block issue

It settles the issue only according to Mr. York and only until somebody changes it. This is what the code said all along but as someone else pointed out the OIR doesn’t pay a lot of attention to code.

That does not settle it to me.
I still continue to call glass block openings unprotected openings. The form does not state where in the State the openings are located.
The form only asks if the openings are protected or not.
If they change the form to reflect Bill’s opinion I will change my opinion.
I only answer the questions the form asks. I believe trying to interpret things could get you in a mess of trouble.
It is only our job to inspect and report.


You better watch out I hope that was an authorized copy of Bill’s intellectual property. :smiley: Good Luck.

Mike, in your area glass block may be unacceptable if the home is located in the HVHZ if not then you would be filling the form out incorrectly as glass block is considered to be a masonry unit, not an opening and not glazing. You are perceiving the form to be open to interpretation and it is not. These people who are interpreting it are to some degree considered to be experts. That is why they are teaching others and getting paid for it. It is not as though I believe they’re interpretation to be correct it is just that others do. There may be a liability in giving a less than optimal credit too. The homeowner could sue you for expenses he paid in excess if credits were not recieved that were deemed deserved.

You do have some points. It is just not how I see it on all of them. The experts are not the ones putting their name on the line. I think the only way to avoid all of these problems is for the OIR to ask exactly the questions they want answered and for them to decide when there is a question that arises in the field. Something must be done to stop Universals opinion that they are in charge of how to fill out the form. The decision regarding what proof is needed should only be made by the OIR.

On a side note I wonder if someone could actually build a glass block home by code. That sure would look cool. But then they sure could not fill any cells.

I think it would be appropriate to say that OIR has fallen flat on it’s face in terms of administrating the mess it inherited from the MSFH program and the 1802 form. They have no funds to hire a consultant outright to administer the technical aspects of the form let alone the credit aspects derived from it. At this time OIR is being run by the insurance companies it was designed to protect the consumers from in my humble opinion. Even Citizens " the insurer of last resort" is running amok refusing to insure and/or renew policies on homes with aluminum wiring. Something is going to have to change but even then all change is not necesarily good. Cuba got change in 1959 be careful what you wish for.

:smiley: We completely agree on this. The sad thing is I have not heard of any change likely coming to the OIR.

Being qualified and being competent are two different things…

I agree with you to Russell. It just so happens I believe I am both. Don’t forget I was the first person to pass our very own wind mitigation course.

its true, i remember that