From Google to your GPS

Use Google maps to get your destination to your GPS fast…

Works with all makes:D
Watch this video for Garmin:

Cool Darren, I am having a good month I have to get a GPS

I have a GPS program on my Sprint Mogul but loaded Google’s program and it works great as well.

How cool is that!

Cool feature, but too many steps for me. In the time it takes do all that I can just enter the address into my Tom Tom and be on my way.

Been using Google maps on my crackberry as GPS over a year now.

True, I have a tom tom (really wanted a garmin, but tommy was on sale!!!)

Having used google maps (in the seattle area), found the routing was just a little to inaccurate and a longer route in many cases.

Tom does a good job, easy to enter addresses, but, when I “grow up” I really, really want that new top of the line garmin!!

Your are right, to many steps, I am lost after the first one!! May as well walk!!

Most all HI software has a Google map feature, click the link, which you need that info into your report anyways and then straight to your GPS… less work. Copy Paste as well.

Also more up to date than some older GPS units and you will know before you head to the inspection.

Thanks for the info, will have to try that method. Beats buying a yearly map “upgrade”!!

It does no install Google maps, just programs your GPS with the info from Google.

My thoughts exactly. My Tom Tom gets me there by touching a few letters in my screen. I’m on my way within 5 seconds.