From my NACHI offices I watch NACHI Race car being built through a glass window.

If I walk out of my office doors, I end up in a commerical garage watching a NACHI race vehicle being made. From there I walk into “the hole,” a small, thin, short door (sound door) this puts me at the back of NACHI TV studio. In the back of the studio there is a second bathroom and shower which Nick the Janitor cleans. Everyweek Nick cleans men and womens bathrooms…he really is the janator :wink: He is the mastor toilet cleaner. Then I go though anouther sound door and I end up at NACHI TV…lights, camers, set and…ACTION.

NACHI TV and NACHI Race have there own BIG bay doors. The reason NACHI TV has its own door is to allow furnaces, electrical pannels and stuff like that into the set.

Call me now if you would like a tour of NACHI’s HQ

How about a virtual tour? I would like to see the race car being built as well as the other amenities at HQ.

Nick must drive that race car, I thought he lived in PA.

I hired a new tech girl. Her name is Valerie Green, she will be working the cameras and editing the films. I will have her film a tour of NACHI HQ and try to catch Nick in action of scrubbing the toilets. Nick’s mechanic is really smart and designs everything on the computer, I also went to High School with him. Nick always hires really smart people, hehehe. The garage bays are so big that during our breaks we play catch football. NACHI HQ is the most interesting, fun, exciting place to work. Nick is always singing, especially when cleaning the toilets.

Nick has not lived in PA for 5 years.

:mrgreen:I wanna’ see pictures of Nick cleaning the toilet

That would be great. Include pics of everyone there too so we can put faces with names of who all the staffers are. A lot of members have never been to a convention so they have never met any of the good folks behind the scenes.

The two longest employes in CO are Krystal and I. Krystal worked with Nick since she was a little girl in PA and moved to CO with him.

Here is a picture of Krystal and I

You can see pictures of NACHI Staff at the Convention

I think it would be great to do a virtual tour, something like what Robert does (hold the tomatoes) and get a total picture of what goes on there. Lots of us just can’t get there right now, no matter how much we want to. :slight_smile:

The NACHICAR: another Nick creation, and another indication of the Natural Ascendancy of Certified Home Ispectors, and I’ll be on my way to see it on Thursday. Will take pictures if I’m permitted.

Please take a felt marker and sign your name on the Car that would be real cool . Thanks

You mean there really is a NACHI race car??? Will it be on the NASCAR circuit soon? Or is it a dirt tracker??:mrgreen:



It’s stuck in the mud, slowly sinking in the "certified " sink hole:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Oh, now, dee-hairless, you just had to use that big, bad, “C” word, didn’t ya?:mrgreen:

Hold what tomatoes? I happen to own a proprietary virtual tour software application and company. Big deal. Yeah, telling people not to “throw tomatoes” because you mention my name makes me reeaaallly want to contribute my software now! Way to go goofy. :roll:

But, hey, Nick knows that all he has to do is ask.


Hey. No offense and you know it. You know how I feel about you silly. It was simply a bit a light hearted humor for pete’s sake. Hold the pete. (see how that works?) Geeze it’s been rough around here! :frowning:


I called NASCAR. They have no record of a NACHI racecar on the circuit and their attorney will be in touch with NACHO soon to discuss. This should be fune.

Hy Alexander it is not nice to make false statements .
You have been coming around here for many years why would you now try to
make yourself look silly.
Why not just enjoy it like you have for many years.

… Cookie

Nothing falsy here. Tell me, where is the NACHI racecar running next on the NASCAR circuit?

You said you had talked to NASCAR and their lawyer would be contacting NACHO.
Well you and I both no it is Bull$hit and you are showing how smart you are “NOT”.
Good night Alex… Cookie