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“TOP 5” Home Inspection Contract & Report
NCHILB Standards of Practice ***Compliance Problems ***noted in
Complaint Investigations and New Licensee Report Audits

  1. No written contract, signed by the client, was provided before the home inspection was performed as required by Board Rule 11 N.C. Administrative Code 08.1103(b)(1). “Before the home inspection” means prior to the visual, on-site inspection, not before issuance of the required written home inspection report. **The contract must state that the home inspection is in accordance with the Standards of Practice of the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board and describe what services shall be provided and their cost. **

  2. The home inspection report did not state the **name, license number, **and **signature **of the person supervising the inspection and the name, license number, and signature of the person conducting the inspection as required by Board Rule 11 N.C. Administrative Code 08.1103(3)(E).

  3. The **Summary Page **required by N.C. General Statute §143-151.58(a1) either did not include all of the items that did not function as intended and/or required subsequent investigation OR did not include the required statement:
    ***“This summary page is not the entire report. The complete report may include additional information of interest or concern to you. It is strongly recommended that you promptly read the complete report. For information regarding the negotiability of any item in this report under the real estate purchase contract, contact your North Carolina real estate agent or an attorney.” ***

  4. The written report is an industry standardized or franchise report format not specifically tailored to comply with the North Carolina Standards of Practice “DDID” requirements to Describe the component or system, state how the condition is Defective, explain the consequences of the condition (Implications), and Direct the client to a course of action per Board Rule 11 N.C. Administrative Code 08.1103(b)(3) OR the report used vague, contradictory or undefined abbreviations or checkboxes to describe the condition of a component or system.

  5. The home inspection report did not state the reasons systems and components designated for inspection by the Standards of Practice were not fully inspected. For example, reports should clearly state limitations of crawlspace and attic inspections due to clearance, hazardous conditions, obstructions, lighting, etc.