FRONT PAGE for Web Sites

The guy that set up my web site used something called FRONT PAGE.

Several years ago he was 4-5 person shop doing lots of business. Now hes a 1 guy shop doing this part time; works another job and travels for work a week at a time. I will send him a change / Wait a week to hear from him / then wait another week or two to get a change as simple as changing a phone number done.

I’ve talked to Dom and others about setting up another web sit that I could work on myself - - Don’t have the desire or skill for this.

PLUS that my site keeps coming up realatively well on GOOGLE, etc and don’t want to screw that up AS slow as our market is.

I’ve called several Web people around here AND so far none of them have OR work with FRONT PAGE.

Anybody know computer / web guys that work with FRONT PAGE. I’m in Kansas City and my web guy is in Atlanta so I’ve worked long distance all along.

That’s gonna be hard I suspect. Frontpage was replaced by Microsoft Expressions a couple of years ago. I too had a Frontpage developed website but upgraded to Expressions for maintenance a long time ago. Bottom line…look for someone with Expressions experience and your site can be imported and maintained. That’s probably true for most of the popular website development s/w like Dreamweaver as well. In other words, you are not locked in to someone only with Frontpage support.

Most should be able to redo it i think. front page was just a program, i went back in forth from front page with another web page program called coffee.

That’s what I told Dan. There’s no reason they can’t download it and edit it in another program, especially MS Expressions. They will need to resync the menus with their new program though, but that’s not a huge deal.

Though we could always convert it over to our system for you as well Dan so you could easily make changes at any time.

Yeah, if you don’t mind 10 million lines of FrontPage code. Junk it and have Dom make you an entirely new one.

Like any Microsoft product, the software loads in a bunch of junk code that the search engines do not like. Mainly the default styles codes that Front Page or Expression Web generates. You have to go in and change it before you start building a page or site so that it is more search engine friendly. Some of my pages are twice as long as what they need to be because I used Expression Web to design them. If they were compliant HTML, the search engines would be able to read them better. I had to do an incredible amount of SEO to get them to show up where they do now. With a Drupal site, you don’t have to think about it that much…it just works.

This years business been too slow / NO extra $$$$ to change / rebuild sites.

Most of the original photos I had put on there, etc are NO LONGER available.

Several of you have said it can be worked on in another program / Like this expressions. The local web gurus NEVER told me that. They talked about going online and BUYING older copies of FRONT PAGE (still available); loading it on THEIR machines / THEN working it that way.

Probably because they haven’t been in business long enough to have used Frontpage :slight_smile:

Hi Dan

Even on a budget starting a new website using Dom’s Templates is really easy and inexpensive, I only have to ask Dom a stupid question about every two weeks—:smiley:

The Templates are basically self explanatory, you can make one hell of a nice looking site in one short evening, and make an entire great looking site in one day. Even if you have two websites, its well worth the small amount of money Dom charges to have another site…I think $25.00 a month or less…and I think the first couple months are free, incredible CUSTOMER SERVICE ALSO…!!

Dom is clairvoyant I believe----:stuck_out_tongue:

Second time today I totally agree with. Dale

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Hope all is well my Friend…!!

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You can get a copy of FrontPage 2003, which I think is the last version fairly cheap on e bay.

After you get it and install it, you open the program and select “Import” and enter your web address. FrontPage will then download all of the content from your site.
Now you will have all of the pages, pictures, etc.

You can also in a short period of time, learn how to modify your pages, send everything to your servers, etc.
Then, when you want to make a change, you make it and send it immediately. You no longer have to rely on others.
FrontPage is very easy to use after you get the hang of it.

I did my site in a couple of days. I am starting l to look around for another program as FrontPage is no longer made and the version of Expressions I used was real buggy. I’ll have to see if the newer version is better.


What do you need changed? Do you know your FTP username and password? If so send it to me and let me know what change you want done. You don’t need to download Front Page or any other. I can transfer your files to a new host which won’t hurt your Google rating and then you can simply make changes to the code as needed by using Notepad. It’s very easy once you get use to it and if you ever need a change done simply contact me and I’ll show you how to do it until your use to it.

I was going to offer to send you my old copy of Front Page for free but I can’t locate it. If I come across it, you are welcome to it. However, you would be much better off to redo the site on another platform and get away from FP. It’s truly a horrible product for all of the reasons mentioned above and more.

When I migrated a few years ago. I setup a second hosting account running Linux and built a new CSS based site there. Once completed, I changed the name servers for my domain and just shut down the Front Page Server site. It was well worth the time investment. Much better than investing more time and effort into using FP. Any web builder should be able to migrate/convert youer site to any CSS based template/authoring tool pretty easily. The easiest way to go is to setup an HIP site and just load your content into one of their pre-defined templates. Follow Dominic’s advice and with a little extra effort the site will perform very well with the search engines. The HIP sites really are designed to help you produce a site that performs well on SERPs.

Slow times in the business are the best times for these projects IMO.