Front porch step

How would describe this defect.

Why do you consider it a defect?

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Do you have any photos from further away?

Moisture intrusion

Walkway settlement


Where? :thinking:

Agree. You can see the original elevation of the walkway on the foundation.

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Where? You talking about this?

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It’s not clear it’s a defect. The steps and walkway are separate pours of concrete. This has some benefit, as settlement and shifting of the walkway won’t pull on and crack the steps. It looks intentional.

The wooden filler strips, however, should be redwood or treated lumber.

I do see a defect however that rust could eventually make the handrail unsafe:

The decorative thing in the corner is to distract the unknowing home inspector away from the walkway settlement.

Thanks for the reply. Is it ok to leave the wood in like that. Wouldn’t it just rot away over time? The gap under the step seems like it would cause it to get moisture in and make it sink more.

Slab settlement noted. Riser heights very more than 3/8", trip hazard. Slab is pitched toward foundation directing water toward building rather than away. Depending on the climate it may puddle and freeze in winter, slip and fall hazard. Recommend review/repair as needed by qualified contractor.
From where I’m sitting, it looks like an easy fix by “mud jacking” the slab and then caulk and seal.


Morning, Sanford.
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Here is how I would describe what you are looing at.

Observation: Exterior: Lot: Front walkway:
1: Settled front poured concrete walkway.
2: Walkway not sealed at the foundation.
3: Walkway not seal at the steps.
4: Walkway not sloped correctly.
5: Water collect at the base of the steps and walkway intersection.

Recommend: Licensed slab jack contractor: a: jack up the walkway to it’s original location, or as close as posable. b: seal between the poured contract walkway and steps with an approved flexible doweling rod and exterior caulking/sealant.
Followed any offered referrals.

That filler strip should be removed especially if you are in a cold climate zone. The walkway should stop at the steps and not continue under as it may result in frost damage to the steps.


I really appreciate the replies and advice. It helps a lot.
Thank you