Frost wall and mold

Can inproper construction of a frost wall lead to moisture/mold issues in a building? My wife’s company manages a 4-plex that has two units on the bottom that are 4’ below grade on the front and just at grade on the back. Both of these units are experiencing mold on the wall in the exact same mirrored location. One contractor I know suggested that if the frost wall was not dug deep enough, it could wick mositure up into the structure.

Any thoughts?


They could be just sweating(humidity).
I would try a dehumidifier before anything else.If that works and there is not a dehumidifier installed on the furnace , the next thing I would do is install one on the furnace.

On my last 3 mold inspections that appeared to be the problem(wicking). And all 3 had indoor humidity over 70%.

These units all have electric baseboard heat. The mold is on an exterior wall down in the corner. I thought of the humidity factor, but the mold occured in the exact same location in two seperate occupied units. That is what lead me to believe there was a problem with the building.