Frustrated by dated content and bad format

I agree. The guy was dressed very poorly for a professional home inspector. And in my opinion it was more of an opinion related video more so than an education video.

Personally I don’t like the majority of the video courses. They’re so long and drawn-out it’s difficult to stay focused and comprehend. I pretty much skip through them and go to the written parts of the course.

And I’ve taken many other video related courses from other outside sources, not related to InterNACHI. And most of the time they have a better presentation.


i agree. most of the time i can gain a better understanding from a video and seeing what they are saying in a practical setting. However, some of these videos are really hard to watch and stay engaged with.

Buster Gromicko was a lucky inspector back in the day. :wink:


I have found a way to speed up the videos…they sound like chipmunks but I can get thru the information. I prefer not to learn via video when possible. I can read and retain much faster than watching a slow talker wonder around.


Sir if You had insulted my Mother, trust me You would know…my point is You have been here a matter of minutes and your first posts are how much better You are than what we have here…may I suggest You start Your own organization and when the planet is convinced as you are that You are the best…then they will flock to You and You will be a rich man…go for it…


I really think you’re missing the point. If you want to be mad for no reason then be my guest. I’m saying this organization has a lot of helpful resources and a lot of wonderful information. The quality of the videos is atrocious though. They are old, grainy, poorly shot, and poorly edited. This is an amazing organization and I just think that it could be better with some updated content. I never said I was the best, I’m just saying these are awful. It’s just a fact. They need new videos.


I’m just here for the snacks.


And Im just saying mister vendor You should move on to an organization with better video content…Im certainly not mad …more amused at Your sales approach…

What sales approach? I really think you just want to be angry. You’re going to tell me that these videos are top notch? I didn’t try and sell anything. If I was, why would I go to the forum? I’m not a vendor at all. Again, I ask, are these the best that could be put out right now? Again, fantastic organization with a lot to offer. Horrible video content though. Since you obviously have a lot of passion and care about this organization, wouldn’t you like to see them be that much better? I don’t know how much more clear i can be. I’m not selling anything, I just wish InterNACHI would make new and better videos.

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They’re working on it. It takes time though. Lots of material to cover.


so You are a home inspector then???..I though You said You worked for a videographer…which one is it?

You’re right. that is a way better video. I’m still in the early content and so far the videos have been hard to watch. I’m sure it will get better, I’m just hoping they circle back to updating some of the videos they have already made.

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Im working on becoming a home inspector. You didnt have a job while taking this course? Im also a barista, so?

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Well good luck with that then…I’m sure You’ll go far given Your great attitude…I’m done here …


I really hope everyone here doesn’t treat their peers the way you do.

InterNACHI is constantly turning out new videos. What’s old is old and what’s new is new. No big deal. Taken in context, I experience no frustration. It’s all infotainment at some level. :smiley:


I get that, but some of their old videos really should be redone.

If an inspector can’t handle a low quality video with some good content how on earth are they going to handle a cranky realtor, an upset buyer, a late night report that must go out, dog shit in a yard, a pissed off seller and the hundreds of other things inherent to this business?

We can all point out problems from the top of a soapbox but that really doesn’t do much to better ourselves.


Because it’s a different situation. But holy shit, you all take a lot of offense to me saying a video needs to be updated. No offense but some of you really suck at welcoming peers into the community.

This may be because some of us noticed that you joined 13 hours ago and had your first gripe and posted on the forum 13 hours ago. You were complaining as soon as you joined. I think you’re the delicate flower type with the barista and all. You’re going to need thick skin in this business. There is some great value in those old videos. Nobody’s going to compare them to Citizen Kane but a fool would remake Citizen Kane.