You’ve got a long way to go. Do you have a business plan??

Check out Home Inspector Pro, great website hosting allowing for you to control content and layout, and Dom has good advice for seo. If your looking for reporting software he can set you up with that as well, you will be able to send a link to the report via e-mail which directs the client to your website, if you don’t want to use fetch report.

There are two other inspector boards other than this one with good information
Inspectors Journal and Inspection News


There is much good information here on the INachi site to help you but you must not rely on anyone/anything but yourself to make your business go. Don’t wait around.

Good luck…

Very short answer…

Don’t wait for anyone, or anything. You must make it happen by yourself, if you are to succeed!!!

Good Luck

The ASKNACHI forum is better suited to consumers looking to ask questions. IMO this is better asked in the MO forums.

After a few months of taking online courses and optimizing your free website, it sounds like your on your way to a lucrative career as a home inspector. Now all you have to do is spend another 2 or 3 years and about $30k-$40k fine tuning your business and you will be ready to retire on those beautiful islands. Good luck with your dreams!

talk with Dom over at Home Inspector Pro, about websites

I just wanted to know a date the inspectorpages2 will happen. There are other people asking too and they don’t get answered.

If you are looking for Inspector Pages to bring you business ,you will have a long wait.

Get a regular website and hire a designer.

live on a small island. not fighting for SEO with competition.

Stay out of the corner bar and spend your time building a website.

Hard to get answers when you do not ask the proper question.

Your first to posts are as follows:

New guy here

Sorry I asked

What answer are you expecting?

It sounds as if you are in need of finding someone in business to work for. According to Nick’s stats, which others have affirmed, 90% of newbies will not be inspecting within three years of starting. Some will drop out after a few months…others a year or so…

If you have handed out business cards and are waiting for someone to tell you what to do next…I suggest your next step be to find a new career field.

Lesson to be learned…

“Free” is worth every penny plus the wait… :wink:

Second lesson…

I’ve learned a lot of useful tips and lessons in life at corner bars. :wink:

And I’m sure when offers a course on Lap Dancing, you will make a fine instructor.

Sorry WW. You walked into it.

I’m busy moving the site guys. Got my answer. Thanks

Inspectorpages2 is officially terminated off the plan. Heard it from the top. Cut backs.

I did indeed Daniel! :slight_smile:

I’ve learned over time here at NACHI that if something is not officially completed within 2 weeks of the official announcement or at the official announcement, it will probably never come to fruition. Unfortunately, InspectorPages2 fits this mold.