Gize, (and Gals)
As the furstration with Reporthost grows I am wondering who out there would recommend an alternative to the Reporthost system. How many HOMEGUAGE users are there in the system and how do you like their program? Any really negative experiences with Homeguage?



I use HomeGauge, have never had a single problem uploading a report ever. They are the best bunch of people I have ever met also.

I highly recommend their software and report upload system. Clients just love it also.

Reports are online for 5 years after they are uploaded, so a client with many reports can view all of their reports by just logging in with their same username and password.

Try it, you won’t ever be disappointed.

I can highly recommend HomeGauge as I’ve been using it for a couple of years without any problems.

I would also ask that you contact Jim Gallant with ReportHost if you’re having issues. He is a good person and will do his best to help you. You will find more help from him, than complaining about the product here on the bb.

Homeguage’s best feature is excellent support and a responsive developer - requested enhancements often make it into the package, and quickly.

Like any other the reporting system, expect to eventually rewrite 90% of the “boilerplate” to fit your reporting style - this can take quite of bit of time on the first few reports.

Not sure what the “frustration” level is, but I for one am very pleased with the Reporthost system and have no intentions of changing. Whenever there is an issue or I have a question, I’ve always recieved a quick and helpful response from Jim and crew. They seem to always be improving their system. With approximatley 500+ reports thru them and the feedback we receive on our reports, there’s no way I would change!:smiley:

Whoa . . .
I never said I wasn’t liking the Reporthost style or the people who run the place! I have had for the most part great service. I do however seem to encounter a “glitch” with something in their system when I need to crank out something the worst.
This morning I encountered the “glitch” when I didn’t need one. Nothing I did and maybe, nothing they did. Not bashing anyone here or anywhere else. Just looking to get the best of what I need on a regular basis without surprises. You might say I was “just looking around”
Thanks for all the feed back.

HG works great for me. I use their Gold service for easy uploads and instant notification to client/ agent. Support is great too.

IE puts out a real nice report, totally customizable and the price is affordable. Even has a Pocket PC version that comes with it along with a PDF creation software and report uploading if you want it. it’s MS word based.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

What about NACHI?

NACHI rocks!
NACHI rolls!
NACHI rules!

I’ve started using Home Gauge and love it, easy to use, uploads easy and like Dale said the clients like not having huge files emailed to them.

Porter Valley - InspectVue works great as well. I’ve used it for a year and haven’t had any problems.

I just stated using Palm Tech and so far I like it. I tryed Home Gauge too and had no problem.

As a Trainer, I have 3-D, Inspect-Vue, HomeGauge, Inspect-It, and 5 others to allow students to view, try and use various software. HG is their favorite.

I recently changed to Horizon by Carson Dunlop. So far, I like it a lot. I did some shopping and I horizon fits my style the best. The technical writing is clear and concise and the illustrations are not cutesy or cartoonish.

I’ve been using Palm-Tech and been very satified. It all depends on what you get used too. Each one has different features.

Consider Whisper Solutions.

They released Whisper Reporter 4Q06. Very nice and customizable to whatever layout you would like.

Download full package for 30-days demo.

I like the customizable reports. Plus the price isn’t too bad.

I have the Home Gauge sample software, and it looks like a great program. I currently use InspectVUE Residential and it has been the easiest to use and my clients agree it is one of the easiest to follow. I can add that the support and technical help is amazing.

3D, but try them all