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Fellow Members,

I need a little advice. I have a FSBO Franchisee asking me if I would like to advertise my services on his website as an Associate. In turn he would include my ad on his site, include my business card and brochure in his sign up package, and I would be the only Inspection company that he would recommend.
My first concern is this OK with our Code of Ethics? Secondly, what might the reaction of the local realtors be? Have any of you gone down this path before? Looking for advice!

Daryl Bishop

Good question. Here is my personal POV.

Therein lies the “ethical” issue. Not just for the member inspector, but also the prescribed code of ethics for realtors, in most if not all of Canada.

Is there a cost involved? I would likely say “yes” which leads to another “ethical” challenge.

How about the fairness to other inspectors? Put yourself in the position of being the one left out!

And how many realtors are worried about you???:smiley:

How do you know you will be the only one recommended? They say one thing and do another.

I believe the Toronto Realestate Board and outlying boards have policies which explicity spell out that sales agents are to give the client three names of inspectors.

I agree with Claude.

This is not a Realtor, but a For Sale By Owner NB franchisee. I only wish that 50% of the Realtors belonging to the local real estate board gave three names. There seems to be 1 company in particular who is in bed with a lot of realtors, and I know he is the only name they give. I have been told that by a number of Realtors point blank. I am only trying to create another avenue of advertising and tap an additional market. What do I do?

I wondered what FSBO meant? Ooops… Then go for it. I don’t like market dominance by one company, and I don’t like realtors playing that one inspector does all game either.

So by any means use any means at your disposal to achieve market share.

If you are going to market to For Sale By Owner this would seem to be the way to go. As he is not a realtor I don’t see any conflict of interest.
You will be marketing to the home owner and I just don’t see a problem. You seem to be getting in ground floor and bypassing the realtor. That is what we all try to do any way.
Good luck

“Therein lies the “ethical” issue. Not just for the member inspector, but also
the prescribed code of ethics for realtors, in most if not all of Canada”.

Unfortunately Claude this does not hold water not even A little bit in my part of Ontario.
I just did an inspection in Kingston for a lady who’s dad said she should use me as he felt I was the only ethical inspector in this area.
The agent in Kingston said to me how did you get this inspection .
I only want one particular HI to do my inspections.
He walked around with me and the client and listened close and admitted at the end on how much knowledge
I had and he said was very impressed with my presentation and client treatment.
He also said that the HIs in Kingston only charge $299:00 and lower.
I charged $399:00 plus a $25;00 gas sir charge.
In the Trenton area we have agents who only want the $200:00 inspector and will not even recommend me.
Fortunately like today I have many who recommend me and I do well on the inspections .
I feel most agents have $$$ in their eyes and can see nothing but $$$ .
I am in the process of going to the real estate Board for unfair treatment and will take this a long way before I ever give up .
Others have found out Fair play or They will continue to hear from me .

The more I hear,
the more I see!
NACHI is the one for me !
Roy Cooke R.H.I. Royshomeinspection.com
A HAPPY NACHI MEMBER,… More find this out ever day!

Remember Whistler http://www.nachi.org/forum/showthread.php?t=4935

FSBO in Ontario has a link to my website and has for a couple of years, and you know what? I have yet to get any work out of it. I am beginning to wonder if people who sell there house this way or people who buy housing this way actually have inspections?

I have done 5 FSBO inspections and all came from recomendation from previous inspection done for other purchasers.
Roy Cooke sr … RHI… Royshominspection.com. … CAHPI-ON

I charge now an average of 375 to 400 and no one complains because they know they are getting a thorough inspection. If they call for princing and go for less they are probably getting less, mostly toronto area.
Today we did an inspection for a nice older lady who offered us a coupon from a franchise HI for $75 off the inspection - we accepted it and told her we welcomed her as a customer and she said she would refer us to all her friends because of our friendly and thorough and educational inspection.
The realtor was also surprised and pleased.

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Wow, glad to see you took the inspection from the competition. To bad they find it necessary to deeeeeeeep discount. Better the inspection money in your pocket. :slight_smile: Thats the best way to get work, through referrals and reputation!