Inspected an older home today. There have been additions and remodels.

  • 2 stories.
  • 2 heat pumps.
  • 2 thermostats (one on each level).
  • Downstairs system includes 2 rooms upstairs (house addition).
  • Both air returns are upstairs.

What would you say?

Oh…check out the accessibility.

Looks like they built the room Around the Air Handler—:smiley:

Incredible…Yep I would say “Have an A/C Specialist go over the entire system and repair-replace as needed”.

How did that get past the AHJ, maybe never called for an inspection or not permited at all.

The house addition (upstairs bedroom and bathroom) were permitted.

What would you bet the “permitted plans” just showed registers with conditioned air, and not the source.

That is messed up Joe, good catch. :smiley:

Will the homeowner take down the fence for maintenance and the wall for air handler changeout?