Fuel Tank propane

I am inspecting a house in AM that has an old propane tank in the ground. What do I need to inspect or do I need to worry about inspecting the tank? Actually, I believe they are still using for fuel to their furnace.
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Never saw one did not know they was such a thing till I googled it .
Please think about getting some one to inspect the tank.


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Hi Anthony… We have lots of them in NH. I disclaim them (they are buried and cannot be seen).
I do put a picture in the report showing the shut off valve and tank gauge.
You may want to let your client know that these are full when the tank gauge reads 82%.
If there are no bollards around the tank dome you might want to recommend them. It is not at all uncommon for someone to drive over the tank dome and shear off the valve assembly.

Great info Scott! Thank you

One thing to mention to your client is for them to find out if it is owned by the propane company or the sellers own it. Most of the time the propane companies own them but you are usually locked into them supplying the propane unless you get another company to buy if from them. If is part of the property they do need to be replaced every 10 to 20 years I think.
Like Scott said they are all over NH!