Fujitsu Mini Split

Do mini-split systems have auxiliary heat?
Is there any way for them to produce heat if they are out of refrigerant?

Fujitsu Model # AOU9R2

We have a case where the system was checked and was producing heat at inspection, but after client moved in it failed to produce cold air. Repair company said Schrader valve leaked, and there was no refrigerant. Just trying to determine how it produced heat if it had no refrigerant.

I do not think that they have electric resistance heat backup in those units so I do not see how it would have heat without refrigerant.

It is possible that the unit was charged shortly before you inspected it, it heated at that time, and now it is dry. Instead of paying a tech to find the leak, the seller could have had them throw a charge in it to get by. Let the next guy deal with it.