Full Disclosure from CAHPI

Keep your eyes on the new ,The Tories’ Federal Accountability Act .
This is to be pushed through Parliament next Tuesday and should be law in about a month . We can then for $5.00 thought the freedom of information act find out how much money has been given by CMHC and how it has been spent by CAHPI. Stay tuned this could be where the secret groups must stand up to full disclosure . ( we can only hope).

Tories set to push through Accountability Act http://ads.thestar.com/images/ad/1pixel.gif http://ads.thestar.com/image.ng/site=hamiltonspectator&Section=generic&spacedesc=windowad **The Canadian Press
**OTTAWA (Apr 6, 2006) The much-hailed Federal Accountability Act will land in Parliament next Tuesday with a great thud – 250 pages of legislation to impact dozens of laws including the Privacy Act and the Elections Act.
Sources say the Conservative

Roy sr

Where were you when the ship hit the sand?

I have $5. of my “mad money” ready and waiting.

I to am waiting to see how soon we can get some information .
It got a big play on the news this evening about how this should make it easier
for the public and also stop a lot of frivolous spending .
This government looks like it wants more information to come out
in all sectors to try and improve the system across the board .
Please stay in touch George this could be a big help to all
Home inspectors across Canada.
Roy sr