"Full" Membership Requirements Being Changed

I recommend up grading nachi full member statis. But remember where we all came from and who built this machine. THE MEMBERSHIP. Any one who is a member as of a certain date should be grand fathered into full member statis. I am fighting at this time for Ohio licensing to grand father inspectors that have been in business for a given period of time to get grand fathered into state licensing. I have been in business since 1991 last year my firm did over 1800 home inspections. My issue with ASHI, NAHI if you are not full members of there clubs the hell with you. Just look at what happened in New Jersey someone suid the state liscensing and won.

I submitted 100 inspections at the request of NACHI when I renewed my membership this year. They randomly selected 25 for full review. I’ve completed over 13,000 inspections since 1985 and have over 11,000 in various forms of digital storage. When I first started I was typing the reports on an IBM Selectric Typewriter. It wasn’t until 1987 that I purchased my first computer, an IBM PC Jr… After saving all these reports for all these years, I’m kind of happy somebody asked to see some of them!

To Everyone who is looking to add letters behind thier names, go for it. Have a couple of children and be a SR. As for me I am not into all this Master of Disaster Stuff.
I have to meet the level of what the states I serve require. Guess what reality is? Numbers of inspections and letter behind your name don’t mean nothing if you screw up. When you can stand up and say as one of our friends on this board has, I have done XX amount of inspections and XXX amount of years --> No LAW SUITS! He is doing really good! That is my goal NO LAW SUIT and HAPPY CLIENTS!
Personally, for all these back door discussions about raising our membership regs it should not be! It should be considered by the complete organization!
The second point is if one in leadership is pushing for this higher standard come out into the field and needs to meet the standards themselves. I am sick of personally hearing of RAISING THE BAR conversations!

just my 2 cents!


Hey, it sounds like the State of New York Legislation on licensing has rubbed off on some NACHI individuals. Switching requirements in the middle of the stream and causing disadvantages to members. Before you know it, a NACHI inspector will have to “close” their business until they get 500 inspections done. Oh, and don’t forget, those 500 inspections must be done with one foot in the air and balancing a glass of water in the hand…with one finger:shock:
The reason I signed into NACHI was because they weren’t like the “other” associations. Now, it sounds like they are starting to get “ASHI-itus”. Just let me know when I will no longer be considered a home inspector thru NACHI:twisted:

Question? If any of us are required to show our inspection to other people. What qualifies them to be the expert to say Yes or No. Thier qualifications should be out in the open. I am right along with Richard, if Nachi proceed with all this. See you Nachi!


Mine are all in and verified as of Jan. 3rd

Here we go…NACHI is turning out to be just like ASHI and NAHI with is “Levels”.

What do we call ourselves if we are not “Full” members of NACHI.

Customer: Are you certified?
Inspector: Yes, I am Certidied through the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, but I am not a full member.

If this is implemented, get ready to loose half of your membership!


My original post has been deleted. Everyone should ignore this thread at this time.

At this time . . .

And forevermore, as far as I’m concerned.

I joined NACHI, not NASHI.