Full moon, April 1 or Halloween?

Received a call for an inspection

Caller: Are you a Republican, Democrat or Libertarian?

Me: I don’t see what my political affiliation has to do with inspecting.

But I thought to myself I’ll play along.

Me: What are you?

Caller: Republican

Me: That’s great I have special Republican pricing!

Do you think I’ll get the job?

I have very special pricing for Democrats(at least the very liberal ones):slight_smile:

Seriously folks, I usually avoid politics, religion etc. and focus on the house being inspected.

Just make sure you have the right bumper stickers on you vehicle. A collection of campaign buttons would be useful too.:slight_smile:

How do you calculate this?

I ask them some simple questions like:

Do you prefer to get less than you’re paying for?

Do you have any government grants to help pay for the inspection?

Does your brother/sister work for the ACLU?

How often do you listen to Air America?

You know, just the basic stuff.:D:cool::smiley:

The more yes answers the more the quote.

Seriously folks, I inspect for all races, religions and political affiliations without bias.
I suspect all of us avoid these potentially contentious issues in our everyday business practice.

Happy inspecting to all. May 2008 be your best year yet. :slight_smile:

I charge the same price…I just explain everything twice.:wink:

(For those of you getting all upset, look at the “winkie”. I’m just a kiddin. :D)