Full Time ?

I have a question for anyone out there who would like to answer.
I joined NACHI about 2 months ago and with business cards in hand I visited many realestate offices in my area for business leads etc.
Are any of you out there doing this “FULL TIME” or can I expect to be stuck in my current job with no chance of this becoming a full time “REAL” business?
Anyone’s thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

Fred welcome to reality. The home inspection profession is saturated thanks to the puppy mills turning out inspectors. Other factors include;
not everyhome purchaser conducts an inspection, realtors using favoured inspectors, mutiple offers with no conditions, inspectors charging unrealistically low prices… so on and so forth.

you have only ben in business for two month that is no time for a service business. In most retail businesses it is common for it to take upward of three years to become profitable and established. Now we are in a service business that does not sell tangable products and therefore you should count on upward of five years befor your business is at a level for you to make a reasonable income full time. That is not taking into account market factors that Raymony has already pointed out so give it time and continue pounding the pavement marketing.
Best regards

Welcome Fred - Claude in Windsor - my thoughts - don’t give up your fulltime job. Its definitely a very competitive and allusive market as others noted for at least a few years. Part-time is an excellent and acceptable way to start.

Keep knocking on doors and introduce yourself wherever possible. Offer to give a short talk in a realtors office, or sit on a panel for the new home buyers seminars, etc. Most all of my business was built on word of mouth. Simply do an outstanding job and provide first class service. Referrals will follow.

Lastly learn as much as you can. The more you know - the better an inspector you will become.