Full version of HIP reporting software. First member to reply wins.

Gerry, that’s a Cmas present and a half!

Thanks Russell

I just had to say pass…no other reason

congrats man!!!

Cookies! Congrats Gerry :wink:

Watch out Gerry. The software is free but there is an ultimate price. Cookies. You have to send cookies to Dom. It is an addiction. It is how we keep him up until 3am every morning working on upgrades.

Do you part. Christmas cookies. Chocolate Chip. Just about any cookie will do.

Joseph and Stephen thanks guys and Dominic cookies it is. Mind you they may get to you half eaten. :wink:

Damn mailman better not eat my cookies again!!

and all this time I thought hippies were into groovy brownies

party on hippies

:neutral: i dont get how this prize aday works where do you go to fing it?

Hint, start with the first post and look at the date.


When Nick wants to have a give away he’ll ask vendors like us to give away software or other prizes. Usually happens during special events :mrgreen:

**me me me me!! **
**Did I win? **
Thanks Dominic!! Just e-mail me the unlock key for the software!!

You are the greatest, HIP ROCKS!!:wink:

:mrgreen: Sure thing Mario!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Sorry Dominic, the devil made me do that!! It’s a boring Sun. night bro![/FONT]

You can fly down here and help me out. I’m ripping apart the document editor in HIP and putting it back together piece by piece. Kinda like taking a car into 10,000 pieces and trying to get it all put back without too many piece left over :smiley:

You just love to make work for yourself, Dom-:wink:
Kick back for 30 minutes (double-dog dare ya!)!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I would love to my friend, but I only said it’s a boring Sun., I have a full week ahead of me!![/FONT]
Besides, what the hell do I know about programming!!

Good luck with it Dominc!

Can’t. These pieces aren’t going to put themselves back together on their own you know :shock:

Doh. I was going to get Stephen to come down and make us some cookies too :mrgreen: