Fun traditions!

When the kids were 5&6 I realized that someday they would be waking us up very early on Christmas morning to see what Santa brought them. So, I decided to be proactive and wake them up each Christmas morning at 6. Fast forward a few years and my son began trying to beat me to the punch. He was never successful. Now that he’s moved out of the house, he tried it again. A few minutes before 6 I heard a noise, then, with the Flir C3 that Nick had just given me, look what I caught. image
Got to love traditions!


Merry Christmas, David. Looks like Mr. Claus was good to you this year. All the best.

If you had opted for gas resolution in that IR camera, you would keep the same profile shot, adjust emissivity, and wait 5 minutes to see how hot the gasses are that emanate from Santas trousers after eating cookies and drinking milk .Lol.

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