Fun with thermal

I just cleared out some old pictures I took from when I first got my E8

Do I need brakes?
Is there moisture behind that crown molding?





Brakes most likely showing heat from use. Definitely looks like moisture behind the molding, but I’m not certified in thermal yet, so…

I’m sure I will be imaging everything when I get into thermal :smiley:

Possible moisture at the molding, but need to be checked with a moisture meter to confirm.

Roy, there was moisture there, I used my finger instead of my moisture meter so that was an easy one.
Brakes were fine.
I also found pictures of my pointing the camera at my wife’s (ahem).

I’m a bit more serious now. Used my camera yesterday to find cold spots on an exterior wall, turned out to be sprinklers in the grill area on the covered balcony.

Thermal cameras do so much and there is so much to learn just to use one properly.

The old finger method I use that all the time. LOL
The learning with IR is indefinite.
Just when you think you got it figured out. The camera will prove you wrong.

I like to use it on the job. It justifies my higher rate.

I do have ta-ta pictures. But it was for science. :slight_smile:

Ha! That’s not where my girl was glowing white (using the iron filter) - I like science too!

I can’t wait to get my thermal camera, besides being a great tool. It looks like a lot of fun, a bit like xray vision!

Don’t even say that in kidding!

Yes it is I take mine in the mall whenever I go LOL
I have some great shots

I admit I did use my camera inappropriately, but as someone said, “it was for science”.

Infrared is not perfect for finding moisture. It just shows you areas that need to be tested with a moisture meter.

A moisture meter (all of which measure density or conductivity) are also imperfect in measuring moisture.

You need to know how it use it. They are easier to use than TI when you don’t know anything about using IR. Which most camera owners do not.

Ya, I had to start examining everything when I got my first thermal camera to.