Functioning Knob & Tube wiring in Fallbrook, CA

I came across some still functioning knob and tube at a recent home inspection. Bad news, some of it was buried under insulation in the attic. Good news, the part that was visible worked great. Check out my video of this stuff in action.

Like the Video The sound was a little loud when it changed pictures . I would also make sure to report how many Insurance companies will no longer insure a home with Knob and tube … Thanks Roy

Thanks for the input Roy.

Had some in use at my last home in Ohio.

Interesting stuff. The switch still works, and it’s old as dirt. They don’t make 'em like they used to.

Still have K&T in my Santa Barbara home. And a 60 amp Zinsco panel to boot. Don’t plan on changing anything for quite a while. :slight_smile:

Yep, I see it quite a bit up here.

So tell us roy… HOW MANY insurance companies will no longer insure a home with knob & tube?

Whenever I’m inspecting an older home the buyers always forward to me the request from the insurance company that ask about knob and tube wiring. Not sure whether they will insure the house or not but it’s always a question from the insurance company.

I would say the majority of national insurance companies will continue to insure existing clients with existing policies. I would venture to say that most however are not accepting new clients with new policies on homes that contain K&T. I have seen companies insure and then 6 months in to a policy require their client to upgrade the wiring or they are dropped. Insurance companies are a scourge on society for many of their practices.

I don’t disagree with you, however, my post was targeted at Roy for his posting of yet another stupid, inane, useless piece-of-crap advice that will only bring ridicule to the inspector for including such information in a report.

Nice video, how did you report what you found?


We see a lot of K&T in my area. A lot of it hidden too. Inspected for a couple and they walked away because the house was full of it, did their next inspection and they shared, “there is none in here” according to the disclosure. Well, guess what…wrong, buried between two layers of rolled insulation in the attic. I see it a few times a month.

Nice video. What are you using to edit that gives you all those great intros on your videos?

I use Viddyoze for the intro’s, and Adobe Premier Elements for editing.

I noted that some of the wiring was hidden in the insulation, and because of that and numerous other deficiencies that they should have an electrician look at it and make the necessary corrections.

Around here there is still quite a bit of active knob and tube. Over the years we have been called to evaluate it and we only recommend removal and replacement. From a liability standpoint I’m not sure why anyone would even want to touch this stuff except to rip it out.:slight_smile:

The fact that you’ve discovered the knob and tube embedded in insulation it would be a defect.

I am not aware of any insurance companies that write policies in Florida that cover K&T