Fund raising request

Hello all:

I have recently taken up the sport of bicycling. (at 60 yrs of age that is no mean feat)

The United Way is holding a bicycle ride to raise funds for their many worthwhile projects.

The ride is to take place on August 28, 2011 and I have committed to do the 100K ride. I set a modest $1,000.00 goal but I would dearly like to surpass that!

Any donations would be appreciated. Please go to look through the site and make an online donation by selecting the link to sponsor a rider name: Doug Cossar

Thanks for all your help


Good for you Doug I wish you well ,
We already support the United Way ( A great charity ) and have done for many years .
Part of every one of our inspections goes to them .
Thanks for doing this and I wish you well .


Hey folks

$5. $10 $15 …$20 or more gets a tax receipt.

Anything at all to support the United Way!!!
Make any small or large donation on-line very quick and easy
click on the tab that says ligin/support a rider.




Once upon a time, I used to donate money to United Way until I found out their CEO is one of the most overpaid in the Continent. This has been a fly in their ointment for some time. A huge salary, huge perks package and retirement package that would be the envy of the world. I hate to donate to a worthy cause only to find that much of the money taken in is used to provide an elaborate lifestyle for the officers.

Many seem to feel that the top person should not get a top wage .
It is the end product that gives the facts .
If proper wages are not paid then the better people will stay in Private industry .