Fungi help needed

Anyone know of a site that can give me specific, viable info on these fungi??

Trying to find information on some specific fungi as to the health effects thy have on humans when found at specific levels.

Aureobasidium pullulans Readings in living spaces -288 CFU 16”sq.

Rhodotorula sp. Attic - 220 CFU 16”sq.

Candida sp. Attic 220 CFU 16”sq.

Cladosporium sp. Attic 2520 – insulation 208,000 CFU/g

Rhizopus sp. Readings in living spaces – 168 – 744 Attic 2520 CFU/16” sq.

Bacillus sp. Readings in living spaces - 96 CFU/m3

Alternaria sp. Bathroom exhaust – 292 CFU 16” sq.

Trichoderma sp. Attic- 310 CFU/16” Sq.

Micrococci sp. Readings in living spaces – 96 – CFU/m3

Epicoccum sp. Soil crawl space – 348 CFU/m3

Chrysosporium sp. Readings in living spaces – 144 FCU/m3

Outside - Cladosporium sp. , Chrysosporium sp., Rhodotorula sp., Epicoccum sp. = 120 CFU/m3

Bacillus, Micrococci = 72 CFU/m3

Thanks in advance

Try the IAQ Forum. They have a section called Ask the Microbiologist. It may be of help to you. Doug

Hi Chris-

Unfortunately, your “test data” are meaningless.

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