Funny email from ASHI big wig.

I got a funny email from an ASHI big wig who writes:


I was at a good ol’ boy ASHI meeting and the entire conversation was about NACHI. Needless to say we were all drinking whisky and rye."

I believe he is referring to the song American Pie.

Well I hope he gets a chance to see the Farm Plowing in Eastern Ontario.
I have been asked to Talk there for 45 minutes on Home Inspectors and why they are needed . You Can be Sure I will have my NACHI banner and tell them why NACHI Inspectors work for them .
Lucky me they give me the choice time just before all the acts come on so I expect there might not be and seats left.
In early September, I will again be on the Longest running Talk show in the world for 2 hours
and will again get a chance to tell all about NACHI .
This is I think the fifth time I have been on.
I sure got some static when I was a member of another association when I was on . ( jealous I guess )
This is NACHI Country only 3 of about 20 Inspectors belong to ASHI North
( OAHI).
This has always gone over very well and get some great calls .
Will Give you a run down in two weeks when its over
Roy Cooke . A Very Happy NACHI member

The good ol’ boys were drinking whisky and rye…
Singin “This’ll Be the Day That I Die”…

It’s not that far away…


The process is not one of ‘slash and burn’.

To quote the Borg, ‘Assimilate’.

Maybe not yours…

So bye bye ASHI’s slice of the pie…
Drove my Chevy to the levy but the levy was dry…:smiley: