Funny.. Goodman heat pump, A/C air conditioner - $400

Check this out!!!

HEATS GREAT bring the kids and marsh mellows … the quality goes in before your house goes UP in smoke…

What caused it?

Go to the link and email him to find out.

It is a Goodman. They are made very cheaply. Back when I own a heating and Cooling company, the manager serviced all the Goodman products last, when it was busy. Constantly working on some Goodmans over and over, with the customer getting madder and madder. The dealers that install them would not even service them.

When was that? Goodman’s are very common in my area, and are deemed in high regards, very few problems. Perhaps it is the quality of the techs performing the installation in my area.

The Brown ones were a POS, The Gray ones, not so much.

Crazy warranty was a big issue.

One of the major reasons that Goodman gets such a bad reputation is that anyone with a set of gauges can buy and install them. When they are improperly sized and installed, they are prone to failure.