Funny Story

I did an inspection yesterday for an older couple. The gentleman latched on to me from the beginning, was talking to me about random stuff, and basically very distracting. I did my best to be nice to him, and I was. It took way longer than it should have, but that’s ok.

The funny part was, about halfway through, the old man thought he and I were doing the inspection together. Like he was my employee rather than my client. He was carrying my tool bag around, asking me what I thought about this or that problem with the house, handing me tools, holding my flashlight for me, etc.

The best part for me was, his wife asked about something in a room that we had not visited yet and he yells across the house at her, “WE haven’t got to that part yet, Linda. WE’LL look at it in a minute.”
If it wasn’t so funny, I probably would have been annoyed by him and asked him to watch from a distance.

OK! So! What is your point?
You have to have some sort of point posting this.
Funny Story…Nope…That’s the life of a Home Inspector…Yep!

I thought it was funny the way he was acting. I’m sorry that life has treated you so badly that you cannot enjoy simple funny stories in life. I hope it gets better for you.

Don’t come off with a snide remark with me…OK!
You don’t know me at all, So! refrain from you BS…
I didn’t think it was a bit funny at all.
We don’t need to read that…Tell it to you wife and kids they may enjoy it better.

I’m sure that you made his day. Sounds like you handled it well.

Get them sometimes. I call it a parrot on my shoulder.

Ya gotta remember that Roy relates to the old buzzard, as he’s older than dirt also. You’ll get used to his crotchety ways sooner or later, and learn how to just ingore the doofus’ antics. His senility should be setting in soon, then no more worries. :wink:

Agree. That may be you in a ‘few’ years!

Those are the types of clients that will refer the heck out of you for your respecting him like that!

Well Roy no one forced you to read it . must be all that rain getting you down

Now that was definitely funny for those that caught the gist of it! :smiley:

Thanks, James for the post great story much appreciated .

. Roy Cooke

Yup !


Don’t worry about the old coot. He must have started drinking earlier in the day. I’ve had him on ignore for the last year. :roll:

Haha! Nice to hear! Like Mr. Jonas said, referrals from him for sure! :slight_smile:

Actually, more likely his wife for making the old mans year, and she perhaps got laid that night! :wink:

So how do you put someone on ignore? That would be great. This isn’t the first time that the bitter old dude has been rude to me. Perhaps he needs to get laid?? It really is sad though that some people don’t have anything better to do than sit around hitting refresh on their computer, waiting for new comments to come up on the forum, so they can spread their disdain and depression. I really do hope it gets better for you Roy, and I hope that I never end up as a depressed old sour puss.

He will share his experience with everyone he knows. The extra time it takes for client participants is a minor marketing investment. I like engaged clients. They will be your greatest fans.

You got it, Chuck.

Those participating clients always sent me more work, too. No problem why they couldn’t do this or that, they understood and learned and loved it. :smiley:

Eat me JJ!:smiley:
He said it was a " Funny Story"…
Did you think it was Funny?
Interesting…Yes! Funny …No!