Funny Story

At one of the houses I inspected, the Realtor was with the buyer and showing him a couple of last minute things. This is a pretty good set up for me because the distraction helps keep me focused on my work. In this case she was showing him the exterior features of the home and then suddenly started talking about the Christmas lights. She went on and on about how she had worked extra hard at negotiating the lights into the deal and about how expensive they were. Going inside, she turned them on and showed the buyer how they glowed. After awhile the buyer was becoming impatient, stopped her mid-sentence and suddenly burst out, “You know, the Christmas lights are great and all… but I’m Muslim.” Nothing more was said about the lights.

But the lights… I got them for free for you!!


So she can call them Holiday Season Lights :slight_smile:

Translated: The homeowner didn’t want to get on the ladder to take down all of those lights! :wink:

true but its all how you spin it.