Furnace age??

Hi, need help finding out the age of a Wood and Oil furnace, Newmac Mfg. Inc. made in the east I think, Model #CL140c and Serial # C01120118w, also had cosp$ocn027 on the tag. Thanx
Chuck Crooker/CROOKERHANCOX HOME INSPECTIONS INC. Brantford , Ontario www.crookerhancox.com “Not just an inspection, an Education!!!”:slight_smile:

Got the answer, 1982!

You are no fun at all.

Hi Larry, well I did wait 2 days, got the answer from a inspector that lives in the same town as the company and knows a lot of the workers.


I have a Newmac wood oil furnace as well, model CL86G 96G with an Aero burner. It is 1980s as well, but do not know exact year, probably 1988. Can you give me the name and contact info for the gentleman that helped you. Also how well does your’s work? Do you use the wood burner? My email is hakbeek@aol.com.


Hank, you have mail>