Furnace aging help please

Anyone have info on Williams brand Forsaire direct vent wall furnace serial#FO 027427 (not positive on the letters portion). Can’t find the brand in my Carson Dunlop Tech. Ref. Guide.

Confuse me. How did you come up with “Williams brand Forsaire”? Williams apparently last manufactured furnaces in 1968.

It said Williams and Forsaire on the unit. They are still being manufactured. http://web.williamscomfortprod.com My Tech. Ref. Guide said the same thing about them being out of business. Sometimes I wonder why I spent 70 bucks on this thing. I rarely get any correct or complete info out of it. I guessed Feb. 74 but I told the client that could be wrong and gave them the company contact information.

Good thing you don’t go by Preston’s Guide.

Both are old considering modern technology. I keep hoping either of them will announce an updated version, but nothing yet. I’ve even written them. Perhaps it’s up to me. Na.

But what Carson Dunlop had available to them in 2001 probably is not near what they have available to them now.

My Tech. Ref. Guide was updated in 2003. Still pretty much of a crap shoot.

So I have an old 2001 edition.

It’s still probably the most useful reference book I have here, including all the various code books, which I rarely refer to since I don’t do code inspections.


There is a new 2005 Preston’s Guide available, Book, CD, and online.