Furnace and water heater location issues

Yesterday I was inspecting a loft condominium in Chicago the condos have the water heater and furnace located in an enclosed area with louvered bifold doors. The furnace and water heater are taking oxygen from the sleeping area, I know this is not acceptable unless certain conditions are meet. Has anyone come across this before where I may be allowed by the city of Chicago but not a good idea overall

That does not fly…cannot take air from bedrooms.

The danger is back drafting and recirculating CO exhaust gases into the dwelling, as well as two combustion fuel devices drawing air from the same source as Larry noted. When the HVAC kicks on, if it causes enough negative pressure it can pull air from the Water Heater exhaust, and vice versa.
It is an as built condition but not a safe one…

How about being more specific in your documentation of what is being dealt with here?

Are these things located in a closed space inside the loft that is open to the sleeping space? If you don’t have an actual bedroom there they are located, what your talking about does not apply.

What kind of equipment is it. A picture would help.

Are there any CO detectors?

Did you do any CAZ testing to the correct protocol before you try to document this?

It is not in the SOP for you to analyze “not a good idea overall” issues.

Not to mention, louvered doors reduce the opening by about 75%. Most likely doesn’t even have nearly enough combustion air anyways! Making the condition even more dangerous

As stated above by others, more information is needed to make the determination that equipment does not have adequate combustion air.

Many furnaces are sealed combustion and do not affect the household air.
Gas fired water heaters typically fire at 38,000 - 40,000 BTU and if the mechanical closet is open to a large indoor area, its normally not a problem.
Take your time and look around the mechanical area. Often you will find an outside air intake.
If not, proceed with noting it on your report to have a mechanical contractor review.