Furnace condensate line - seal wrong

I definitely think this is the wrong way to seal the condensate line at the furnace, but more info is welcome.



The condensate line from the furnace was installed amateurish (with duct tape and reduced in size, etc.) and I recommend repair by a qualified HVAC Technician. :smile:

Thank you Larry.

Yes! The Handyman’s Secret Weapon.
Unfortunately, Red Green did not advise on HVAC condensate regulations panel. Sorry. Won’t fly. Write it up.

Just when I thought I saw it all in my 40 years of HVAC experience. Wow. The condensate discharge from the coil pan is 3/4 NPT pipe thread. I can’t see how or what was used but I’ll bet condensate is finding its way in the furnace. Larry and Robert were correct. That’s a write up for sure. Recommendation for a certified HVAC technician. Geez!

Hey Mike, not trying to nit pick, but in your report list that as the condensate drain from the evaporator coil, not the furnace. Don’t want to look like you don’t know what you’re speaking about when the HVAC tech comes out. You gotta love Jerry home owner making his repairs :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Thanks Edwin.