furnace filter in wrapper

thought i had seen it all before. checking the furnace had low air flow at the grills and the sound of air being sucked aorund the furnace door, opened it up and there was a brand new filter installed, still in the plastic wrapper…


By the looks of it, I doubt the “Plastic” had much to do with “Poor Air Flow”----:lol:—:margarit:

It should last forever.

See what drugs do to ya!

It just get dirty again

Yeah and then it would look like this.

Michael that was a high efficiency filter . stops those nasty particles from getting through lol
Lets be positive now

here is a question if you put a amprobe on the fan motor with a plugged filter would it draw more amps? or less

They were in a hurry because you were coming! :wink:

Owners must be blond! :wink: