Furnace Flue

Would anyone call this flue for being too close to the escape window?

Isn’t there a 3’ rule?

It would depend on the if that is a double or single slider. It can be as close as 1 ft depending on the the btu rating 10,000-100,000 and 3 ft for anything over this.
This is according to the CSA 149.1
I should also mention that I don’t agree with this either.

Thanks. You should see how they notched the framing.

I think you mean removed according to what I can see. Makes for a nice soft spot up top. This could have caused the hair line crack I can see at the corner and only time will tell if this creates more problems.

Good eye, wrote that also.


James read this very carefully and see how many errors there are in the text portion of the draft.

OK since no one will comment on the errors.
I will ask a question to bring attention to the problem.
Does the vent need to be within 6" of a opening if it is less the 10000 btu’s 9" for 50000 btu’s 50000+ 12"? do you get the problem now.
It should say away from an opening.

It doesn’t say within “", it says At Least "” from…

At least 6" away then from an entrance or any opening.

Kevin, today I received a letter from a qualified framing contractor that the notch was OK! it is sitting on the foundation wall.

I would have to agree with him. From what I see in the picture I would not have written that up JMO.

It is not the fact that it is sitting on the foundation that is the problem. It is above on the sub floor. What is supported in this area? If you had a dresser in this section with no support what is going to happen to the OSB? You could jump in this area and your foot would land in the basement. There is also a concentrated load on the corner of this window.

I agree. Not my problem now.

Kevin, you maybe over thinking it :). Are these just your thoughts or is this something you would put in your report?

No not in this much detail. I also would have to see the load on the areas above the vent and window. Knowing how the window was pinned on the corners and whether there is a full lintel might change my thinking.

Buck -

I personally would not have called the notch (on outside wall with more than likely no heavy foot traffic above it) UNLESS on the right side it was missing for a long run.

I personally would not have called the flue (even if the slider is on the left facing the window it looks at least 12" from window AND above window).

The foundation crack is not caused by the notched framing.