Furnace grounded to the gas pipe?

I was curious if anyone could tell me whether or not it is acceptable to ground a gas furnace to it’s own gas piping.

Thanks so much.

bonding is the correct word here…

It is already bonded via the valve body to equipment cabinet to the equipment ground wire in the 120V jct box.

Addtional bonding is recommended at the main gas meter area especially if you have CSST piping.

Well, I actually have a gas furnace that has a grounding wire attached to the gas pipe running along side the furnance. Is this acceptable?

If the grounding wire is the branch circuit ground it should be bonded to the inside of the furnace cabinet. If its just an extra one, its ok as is.

Any ground cable bonded to a gas line will result in Consolidated Edison shutting the gas off to a structure in parts of NY they serve 9they are a public utility).

Check your local ordiance for applicability. One size dont fit all;-)

Ditto with San Diego Gas & Electric.