Furnace heats half of first floor

In Merriam Webster’s world too. :slight_smile:

Definition of ZONE…

: a region or area set off as distinct

I see it as living space zoned but furnace system is not.

So we have clearly defined decks, balconies, zones and areas today.

This is too much productivity, I’m watching the tube for a while. :wink:

Holmes Inspection is on tonight. The education is never ending.:slight_smile:

for all the HVAC linguistic snobs
ashrae launch http://www.ashrae.org/news/2012/ashrae-launches-new-terminology-site-ashraewiki
y’all call 'em whatever you like ;~)](http://wiki.ashrae.org/index.php/Category:Term)
just in case you can’t navigate wiki

Primary Definition

One occupied space or several occupied spaces with similar occupancy category, occupant density, zone air distribution effectiveness, and zone primary airflow per unit area.
A space or group of spaces within a building for which the heating, cooling, or lighting requirements are sufficiently similar that desired conditions can be maintained throughout by a single controlling device.
A separately controlled heated or cooled space.
Alternate Definition

A room or space or group of rooms or spaces in a building.
A separately controlled heated or cooled space in a residential building.

Wuz there a zoned bedroom closet with an electrical outlet and room for a ironing board me thinks the moon is full and has blue colored cheese:p