Furnace on its back

I thought I’d seen everything. Furnace in the attic was laying on the back of the cabinet. The burner jet tubes pointed down. Heat exchanger was below the burner.



Looks like a professional job to me. :mrgreen::roll::mrgreen:

It’s a link back to this same thread.

sorry try this … Roy

Being induced draft @ 80% efficiency, we installed my furnace on its side, a while back, with no problem. I think most are that way now, but checking the manufacturer’s installation instructions can’t hurt. :slight_smile:

The few times I’ve run into that (a furnace on it’s back), the manufacturer of each furnace indicated an incorrect install.

Recent install, was an induced Lennox… I had asked an HVAC contractor I knew, he said he always checks docs, but most all MFR’s indicate not on back

Lennox Install.jpg

Good info, Tim. Definitely worth verifying:


That’s the same sticker that’s on my horizontally installed furnace.

Thanks guys for the affirmation. Sometimes you just know its wrong without having to do research. The fact that its the 1st time I’ve seen a furnace like that in 10 years was a big clue that it can’t be right.