Furnace performing as intended

or not, for those of you that just operate a furnace from the thermostat would you call this temp discharge on this electrical furnace sufficient to make the call that this furnace was performing as intended???:wink:

90 lookers no replys I thought this org had inspectors:D:p whats the deal cat got your typing finger;-)

I posted one hour before you actually looking for help,did you reply Charlie or to busy ?

My post is a real question rather than SEO booster so not worthy ?

you have lost me this is just a question about ele furnaces no SEO on this just the dry set

Yes I have been busy getting wife out of hospital and running back and forth 85 miles to hospital been a wild week


tooo hot…

What is to hot, your a man of many words

got the F mixed up with the C…

Actualy, if there is 2 heat strips its working as intended but if there is 3 heat strips, one heat strip is not, assuming that the room temperature is around 70 degrees F.

That would be correct 3 strips one not working:D did not need the amp meter for this one;-)